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Liz Strange - John Cooper 2018

"We were delighted with it, both as an interesting artistic piece of work in itself and in the performers’ unending ability to entertain"

Fiona Ferguson on

The Traffic Awardens

at the Imaginate Festival

Village Pub Theatre

**** The Scotsman

**** The Herald

Recent appearances and reviews...

Beautiful Bones

directed by Alan Richardson


**** The Scotsman

The Shadow Of Heaven

directed by Al Seed and Judith Milligan, produced by Feral Arts.

"the rather crab-like Sin (Liz Strange) is wonderfully creepy, while Eve (also Strange) has an air of otherworldly innocence and intelligent curiosity"

**** The Wee Review

"Liz Strange puts an otherworldly, knowingly sensual stamp on the Eve figure"

**** The List

The End Of Things 

directed by Ewan Downie

Company Of Wolves


“A powerful performance – like a Rorschach test”
“Emotional, intense, powerful & primal”
“Truly mesmerising – I felt hypnotised and drawn into the dream-like world”

(audience reviews)


Couldn't Care Less

directed by Tim Licata

Plutôt La Vie

"Strange is captivating"

(TV Bomb)

"Strange and McKenna add depth and credibility to their characters with fine understated performances" (The Times)

"performed with skill and agility by Strange" (Edinburgh Guide)

**** The Scotsman

**** The Skinny

**** TV Bomb

**** Edinburgh Guide

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